Whether you’re cray-cray for superbikes, kart racing or just enjoy the sound of rumbling engines and the odd adrenaline rush…
Our daring KP xtreme teams and nail-biting events are bound to get your blood pumping.

Tearing it up on the track

Sure, offering decreasing premiums and R1 insurance might seem a bit #xtreme… But who ever made a difference by playing it safe? Not the first person to hop on a unicycle and juggle flaming torches, that’s for sure. And definitely not our KP xtreme team… When we’re not changing the face of insurance, we’re getting our hands dirty at Super GP, F400 and other sporting events. If it requires a car, motorbike, superbike, kart (or anything with an engine, really) we’re in!



Call it amping up the ‘thrill’ factor, branching out or just knowing talent when you see it…

We’ve officially welcomed 2 new riders to our KP xtreme superbike team! (Yeah, for reals-reals.)

King Price Xtreme


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